Founder's Story

Jason Núñez, founder and CEO of Go Digital Hero, is more than just a successful entrepreneur—he embodies resilience and the pursuit of freedom. As a third-generation minority Air Force veteran, Jason's remarkable career includes working at the Pentagon and serving in key roles at the White House, State Department, and Department of Labor. Throughout his military journey, Jason faced the challenges of "don't ask, don't tell," however, the repeal of this policy marked a turning point, allowing him to embrace his true self with pride. Jason emerged as a vibrant force, embracing freedom and embodying the importance of authentic self-expression.

With Go Digital Hero, Jason goes beyond providing administrative support. He becomes a catalyst for liberation, freeing clients from the overwhelm of administrative tasks. By taking on these burdens, he empowers his clients to focus on what truly matters in their lives. Jason's commitment to being a hero for others stems from his understanding that true freedom lies in being present for the people and experiences that bring joy and fulfillment. Go Digital Hero stands out by solving crucial problems in organization and time management. Recognizing the struggles many face in maintaining order and managing time effectively, Jason brings structure and efficiency to his clients' lives. He serves as a true partner in their journey towards work-life balance.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jason embraces life's adventures. Together with his husband Jacob, he explores diverse cultures and indulges in global cuisine. With his cherished fur babies, Atlas and Aspen, by his side, Jason creates a nurturing environment where freedom extends to every member of his family, be they human or four-legged.

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